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Traffic Jam Free & Charming | Hatirjheel Mission

Description of Hatirjheel Mission

Description of Hatirjheel Mission:

 Hatirjheel mission assured inspiring inner-city active in a compactly made traffic jam free & green-starved in Dhaka city. Hatirjheel is a large area situated at the heart of the capital city of Dhaka. This was mainly created for public transportation. It was inaugurated on January 2, 2013.

Thus for better communication the transport system needs to be modernized with passage of time.  We excepted finely complete the Hatirjheel project will more effected by way of traffic jam free & Charming place.

Connecting Area:

 It’s made transportation much easier for the people living near Tejgaon, Gulshan, Badda, Rampura, Mouchak and Maghbazar.

It was made possible by the Bangladeshi army, special works organization (SWO). This project was primarily created for accumulation rain water for preventing flood, reducing the rate of impure water and above all for moderation traffic jam free.

Here many people come from different countries and domestic areas of Bangladesh to visit this site. Its area is 122 ha (302 acres).

It’s Finance:

The nation’s stock of tk. 1,900 crore ($235 million dollar in present amount) from place to place a 300-acre lake conveys Dhaka’s keeping pace with developing freshness.  

More Facility:

Though the present transportation system of Dhaka city is not good enough in place of traffic jam free communication after the implementation of all the projects communication within this city will be easier than before.  

The governing administration privileges Hatirjheel mission by way of its current to the Dhaka city. If you concerned about Metro Rail Act 2014| Join in Six Districts Mission. Just click here:    

Here urbanity describes by means of current transformation of our ancient relative by way of water. It’s also containing a lake space connected to a sewerage system & ways. Once more implanted trees will develop although make deeper Hatirjheel’s being there in our combined inner-city memorial. 

Hatirjheel is at present a period usual for festival firecrackers revealing its night sky & shiny upon its water is certainly a vision matchless in Dhaka’s living memorial.



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